I bought a new apartment. There was nothing about it in the very least picturesque or attractive, for it was the just an ugly speckle of the society. Yet to me, it was really sweet and fascinating or probably just the cheapest one amongst all I had seen. There were some strange stories about it, which I decided to turn a deaf ear to. From the very first day I received parcels of flesh, human flesh I guess and the boxes would always be empty by the next morning. I called the police. Nobody ever visited my house because of all the stories.

I have a habit of hanging my hand, while sleeping, at the edge of the bed. Many a times I felt like someone was trying to grab it. I always believed that I was dreaming. There were times when I used to notice a spot of blood or two and at other times there were bits of skin on my hand when I woke up. Obviously I was scared but it would probably cost an arm and leg for another apartment. One day, at the dead of night, I heard a munching sound from under the bed. I thought it might be the thieves. I leaned down to have a look and was terrified. I immediately withdrew. A person, who didn’t seem like one, was eating the flesh which I receive every day. A cannibal lived with me in my own house. After a moment, I intentionally hanged my hand at the edge of the bed. My doubts were clear now. He tried grabbing it. I was too scared to get down from the bed. A bearded, muscled man, or whatever he was, was under my bed. He seemed more like an animal to me because of the way he was eating flesh. It appeared as if he hadn’t eaten for days, but then it struck to me that he always eats the flesh I receive. My heart thumped against my chest. My stomach churned into tense cramps. I crunched my teeth over my lip and salty liquid filled my mouth.

Before my sensory receptors could tell me about the blood in my mouth, I realised that the munching sound had stopped. I had this curiosity to look under the bed but somehow my neck just got stiff and refused to have a look. I didn’t posses that much courage to look. But my curiosity was greater than my courage and finally bowed my head under the bed. There was nothing, neither the cannibal and nor the flesh. I was relieved and thought it was an illusion. I was about to go back to sleep but there I saw something which made me feel gravity never existed. There it was on the ceiling standing upside down, ready to grab me!

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